Going to Ireland by car

Going to Ireland by car means to have time calculating to go on an island. It's best to know exactly the way to take before going. Time and money must be calculated, costs for petrol on mainland (in Ireland it's cheaper) and costs for the ferry are a factor to consider well.


The road conditions are not everywhere a real good one. The road-signs are often confusing. not seen or absent. Roads are not illuminated (only major roads) and pot-wholes are often dangerous. Irish are driving fast.


Ireland has left-side driving and the traffic is often regulated by roundabouts.


Better to get a ticket for the ferryboat online and as early as possible. It's much less expensive. Not all ferries work the whole year and only in summer season.


Unleaded petrol costs are around € 1.09/L (May 2009). Diesel is lightly less expensive. Petrol stations are not everywhere and they work as self-doing.


Ports from European mainland to Ireland:

   •Roscoff (FR) – Cork, 14 – 16 hours, Brittany Ferries

   •Le Havre (FR) – Cork, 22 hours

   •Roscoff (FR) – Rosslare, 16 hours, Irish Ferries

   •Le Havre (FR) – Rosslare, 22 hours

   •Cherbourg (FR) – Rosslare, 17 hours, P&O Irish Seaferries


Ports from European mainland to UK:

   •Roscoff (FR) – Plymouth, 6 hours, Brittany Ferries

   •St. Malo (FR) – Plymouth, 8 hours, Brittany Ferries

   •Cherbourg (FR) – Bournemouth, 4,5 hours, Irish Ferries, Celtic, Link Ferries

   •Cherbourg (FR) – Portsmouth, 5-7 hours, Brittany Ferries

   •Le Havre (FR) – Portsmouth, 6 hours, Transmanche Ferries

   •Caen (FR) – Portsmouth, 6 hours, Brittany Ferries

   •Dieppe (FR) – Newhaven, 4 hours, Transmanche Ferries

   •Boulogne (R) – Dover, 1 hour, Speed Ferries

   •Calais (FR) – Dover, 1 hour (passing the gallery!), Seafrance Ferries

   •Dunkerque (FR) – Ramsgale, 2,5 hours, Norfolk Line

   •Oostende (BE) – Ramsgale, 3 hours, Transeuropa Ferries

   •Hoek van Holland (NL) – Harwich, 6-8 hours, Stena Line

   •Vlaardingen (NL) – Felixstowe, 6-8- hours, Norfolk Line


Ports from UK to Ireland:

   •Swansea – Cork, 10 hours, Swansea Cork Ferries

   •Pembroke – Rosslare, 3-4 hours, Irish Ferries

   •Fishguard – Rosslare, 2-3,5 hours, Stena Line

   •Holyhead – Dublin, 4 hours, Stena Line / Irish Ferries

   •Holyhead – Dųn Laoghaire, 1,5 hours, Stena Line

   •Liverpool – Dublin, 4 hours, P&O Irish Sea

Distances between Dublin and Irish ports:
Dublin - Dun Loaghaire 12 km
Dublin - Rosslare 153 km
Dublin - Cork 252 km


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