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Below there are some nice books telling the history of Ireland or giving some useful information. They give a feeling for this special country, the culture and the people. One can read them during holidays in Ireland or just for interest.



Glenkill - Leonie Swann

THE crime! Sheppard George of Glenkill is dead, lying on the lawn with a spade in his chest. His sheep are around him and puzzling. They decide that he was a good shepherd and they have to find the murderer. Who did this cruel action? Miss Maple, the most clever sheep, is the leading head of the small group to investigate all about the humans, to find out the secret.

No crime story is so amusing, so exciting and 'strange'. Irish seen by their sheep - the funniest way to describe a culture.






Irish language and Culture

Do you want to know more about Irish-English culture and language? This is the right book to learn about those small misunderstandings and quirks of Irish English. Irish are not English and they are a real different culture with all their own ways.

Lonely Plant is giving here a perfect 'plus' for all who love Ireland and want to know more about the people.







The Council of the Cursed

Just before the council should be held in the abbey a bishop is murdered. Sister Fidelma and her companion Brother Eadulf start to investigate. The theft of a precious reliquary and the disappearance of women and children are together with the strange rumors about slavery are even more puzzling. Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf are confronting a perfect puzzlement.

A mystery of ancient Ireland. This is one of the best of Peter Tremayne's stories about sister Fidelma and her companion and - like the others - a 'must' for all Tremayne fans.






Lonely Planet Ireland

Simply the best for the ones who like to go by their own, without a group and finding the places not everyone knows. Talking about whole Ireland, what to do and what to see, there are pretty good details on every single town, village, sightseeing and more. Leisure as well as where to stay overnight, restaurants and how to move from one place to another. History details on all places.

With this in your bag you can just take a flight a go to Ireland studying the first steps on the plane. Perfect for a daily decision what to do and what to see. Cheap b&b as well as great hotels with a Spa or a night at a castle. Prices are only to take as direction, they change in time.






One of the best ways to learn about Irish history - a beautiful story about a young boy who loves to listen to stories. And when he comes to know a real story-teller - the last one walking around the country and telling about history in wonderful stories - he grows up with only one wish: to find him. For years he is looking for the story-teller, collecting his stories and finding out at least an amazing final.

In every story the old man tells to his audience there is true history and myth and truth are going hand in hand. From the very first moment the island begins to develop till the Easter Raising the book gives a deep knowledge about the Irish culture and history.





Falling for a Dancer

Ireland didn't have the world war on the island but people felt the suffering of the main land as well. Young Elisabeth Sullivan fell in love with a traveling actor and had a short intense story with him before he left the island. She is pregnant and for evading a scandal she has to marry a widow far away - already with 4 children. Coming from Cork Elisabeth doesn't feel easy to get in her new role out is a hostile land. And she can't forget her former lover..

A book that shows the how people felt about the war on the main land, about the differences between people even on a small island like Ireland and who tough can be nature. A nice story told in a perfect way.




Scarlet Feather

Cathy has only one dream: to run a perfect catering-service in Dublin. His old friend Tom is her partner and they have hard to work their way through lots of surprises. And that's not all: their own partners give problems for the one or the other reason and they found themselves to think about their friendship.

A nice story to read during the vacations, light and sparkling.







The Princes of Ireland

A real Edward Rutherfurd book with a few families and their connections between each others during centuries. From the Celts to Henry VIII. he connects the families in their love, common life, their fear and the historical events. Nearly 700 pages full of action and history take away the reader and let him sink into another world: the past.

A wonderful book that is breathtaking like all his other big sagas like London, Sarum or Russka. Before going to Ireland it is a big adventure to learn about its past and about the events coming up during centuries to be the base of modern Ireland. Here it's so clear how important Dublin and the County Meath are during the time.





The Rebels of Ireland

Edward Rutherfurd's second and connecting story to the 'Princes of Ireland'. The same families are still connected to each other bur in many ways the relationship between them are now different with the change of the events the country is living. He is telling about the history after 17th century, the reformation and the devastating days of Oliver Cromwell. 200 years of Protestantism are following which give huge suffer and poorness. The 'home rules' are destroying all 'Irish' and ending in the Easter Raising before 'Eire' can be re-born.

It is perfect as the first one and needs to be read together. It gives a complete picture of the events, the way things have gone because of and why there is still that 'tiny little' problem with the north.




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