Castles and Mansions

Trim Castle

In the small town of Trim there is the finest and best preserved Norman castle of Europe. Already from far away one can see the bell-tower of the St. Mary's church on the opposite site of the Boyne-river. The castle was chosen by Mel Gibson for filming the movie "Braveheart".

It is a great example for Norman architecture with very advanced techniques which are still in use today.

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Athlumney Castle

The Athlumney Castle is situated in the centre of Navan and it is from XVI century. Now surrounded by houses and gardens it was once of the Dowdall family. When king James II lost his battle at the Boyne-river against Henry of Orange-Nassau the owner of the castle set it on fire because he didn't want the enemy to take it over. He was watching it burning from the other side of the river before leaving for Italy.



Dunmoe Castle

The Dunmoe Castle was built in the XVI century and is situated on a panoramic hill over the banks of the Boyne-river north of Navan. On the other side of the river one can see the Ardmulchan House, a private brick-stone mansion with a long scale down to the river.

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Dunsany Castle

In the small village of Dunsany between Kilmessan and Dunshaughlin there is the castle of the  Dunsany family. This family has as a famous ancestor the Irish archbishop Oliver Plunkett who was killed 1681 by Henry VIII at London. The castle can be visited in summer between June and August but Lady Dunsany who is doing the guiding tours personally is not very pleased to do so because it's bringing much trouble in a private life. The castle has a beautiful park to visit,



Slane Castle

Lord Conyngham has his private residence here in. The castle exist since 1785 but the lord the castle is known in the world by its rock concerts every two years. Groups like the Rolling Stones, U2 and others had their concerts here in front of thousands of fans. In 1991 a big part of the castle was gone in a fire and was restored with funds of charity because the lord didn't have an assurance.

From May to July the castle is open to the public.



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