Ledwidge Cottage

Francis Ledwidge was born at Slane in 1887 as last of eight sons. By his friend Lord Dunsany he will be presented to the circle of the Irish writers and with 'Songs of the Fields' in 1915 he got famous.

He entered as an volunteer the 'Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers' in 1914, fighting indifferent places in Europe and died in the third battle of Yrpes in Belgium where he is buried.

The cottage where he was born is interesting not only because he is a famous poet but also because it shows the way of living in the end of the XIX century.

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Book of Kells

The famous book found in Kells is preserved in the library of the Trinity-College at Dublin. It' s a 'must to see' when going to Ireland as much as the castles and mansions. It is a testimonial to a very high developed culture and a great example of very fine scripture by monks who worked at it maybe month or years. Images of brilliant colours and gold only for reading later in the church without exposing such a beautiful work.

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